24 February 2011

Asset ProDuction [month 19]

APD was more of what I thought GamePreProduction was going to be: work on your stuff. So on that note, we started on our asset list and began to ramp up for our core game turn-in. Unfortunately the only thing I was working on that made it into core was the in game HUD and the initial layout of the level. The layout changed later on as other artists added their parts to the environment, but that's all I can claim for our core release.
health pack

n2 coolant

smoke particle

ice missile

track support

bubble shield

concrete pillar

tire stack
Overall these low poly objects are an initial pass that need to be looked over and lined up with the rest of the level, but so far the creation of these objects are ahead of schedule. Here's what our game looks like for our core release.

InterPersonal Communication [month 19]

This was our first mandatory online class and it was mostly a reiteration of last months public speaking class. Though it was good to go over the same principles again, I tended to get all the work done every Monday night so that I could continue to focus on our Asset ProDuction class. We were forced to pay to use another online course book, which means you can't sell it or keep it, as they expire after a year or so. Overall I was happy the instructor seemed to realize the lack of importance on her class, and was very eager to help her students out when they needed help. I felt the time spent on this class would have been much better suited as a special effects class so that we could learn the tips and tricks needed for our game production.