09 January 2014

New Year: New Modeling Programs

Several months ago I was contacted by a friend to help him work on a game project, and much like the last time I helped out with a friend's game project: nothing happened. Since this was more of an art test instead of an object to be used in the game I'm posting it to show that I'm learning new modeling programs!

So here we have a soda can, yep a soda can. It's meant to be in a game that's a bit odd/scary so I thought that a disgusting and odd flavor was in order. Blender was a bit of a pain in the butt to learn, and now that Maya has a pro-lite version out for $800 I'm thinking about buying it.

For this next one I wanted to play with modeling and uv'ing in 3ds Max, as I'd never done it before. I thought it would be cool since about 90% of the simulation/game industry wants people with 3ds max experience ... which brings to question why it's not taught as a part of the Full Sail Game Art program. I learned a lot about modeling with cubes, cylinders, and toroids, as well as overall modeling/uv'ing tools. It was much simpler to work in max than it was in blender - but they were both extremely different from maya.

This one is an old school fire extinguisher, I know it's not textured but I only wanted to learn 3ds max and not spend more time in photoshop.

I understand none of these models are exactly amazing or even very pretty, but this is where I'm starting in learning these programs and hopefully I'll get better/faster as I progress. :)