23 March 2011

Game Production 1 - Alpha turn in [month 20]

For the first month we got to work on our Alpha phase without the disturbance of another class, so we tried to knock out as much work as possible. After tons of work and revisions we successfully turned in our game and presented it to the other two groups as well as the three groups a month ahead of us.
Since we knocked out a lot of Beta and Gold items in pre-production month, we were able to look at fleshing out the level to look as good as possible. The only thing we didn't get in that we needed to was visual effects. So no explosions, muzzle flashes or anything like that.
Here's what I worked on for the month, it doesn't seem like much but after I textured and modeled them I worked on item placement so I was able to stay busy all month.

We got a critique on my tires, I updated the texture to be more recognizable from far away.
Small rocks were added to help make the large rocks seem more like part of the level and not just a boundary item.

Road signs were created and placed throughout the level to help immerse the player into the world of the parking garage.
Road lines were made to help add an atmosphere of flow for the players to follow as well as immersiveness.
Pot holes, simply more background noise for the environment but it helped to make the environment look older.
The pickup cubes are all combined into one cube here, they go around the pickup item itself and help to illuminate the item as the pickup bobs up and down.
Parking lot lines were placed to help fill in the ground breakup, it doesn't always make sense but it made the repeating texture for the concrete seem as if it's non-repeating.
Oil stains fill up every parking lot in the world, so our has them too.The ice cube goes with the ice rocket, though it's not in the game yet it should be during this month for Beta release.
Grass sprouts appear all over the level and in different sizes to help with the varying height levels of ground breakup as well as to add more color variation to the level.

Cracks are flat and are barely noticeable in the game, but they're there. Mostly to help accent the pillars and ground rocks, these decals show up on the floor and the ceiling.Our team also has a website showing several game play videos hosted on youtube.