22 February 2015

Ricochet Rocket

This one I did a few extra sketches on so the build went rather quickly, the idea is that the rocket will hit the enemy and have a small explosion which will release the two naval mines attached to it to bounce out and explode with whatever it hits. So I guess this weapon would be best used for attacking a stationary target like a base or something.

I added a chalk-like sketch on the side of the mines as decoration, I've seen a lot of people do that in the military. They'll draw on the bombs intended for their enemies with their enemies names on it. So this is a little nod to that environment.

The next rocket is supposed to be the final one for this game, and it should be smarter than the rest of them. Then after that one I can get back to creating the rest of the vehicles to flesh out the "character classes".

Thanks for looking and stay tuned!

01 February 2015

Tesla Rocket

It's a new year, but I'm still working on the same game. For this build I wanted to make a weapon that would electrify the vehicles it impacted, after digging around for a while I decided the coolest way to do that would be a plasma ball that would electrically explode when it hits its targets. So I present the Tesla Rocket:

I really like the silhouette of the rocket and the arched metal around the glass dome, but wasn't too happy with the way the plasma ball cards came out. I guess it'll do though. This should leave two more weapons to build before I can continue to work on vehicles and environments again.

Thanks for looking at my work, and stay tuned for more updates. :)

Here's the block-out sneak peek for the next rocket:

It's sitting at just over 800 triangles which isn't too bad considering all of the small details on this one, we'll see how it turns out once I start in on the uv's and texture.