31 December 2013

The Last of 2013

This is really just a post to get a final one out before the end of the year, I started working on a nuke bomb-rocket thing while waiting for a critique from my night "job", and am a little over half through with the texture - nothing good enough to post though. So for now I present you with a tease:

Who wouldn't want a nuclear bomb .. ah .. rocket? I'll update when I finish the texture, see you then!

28 October 2013

Lava Lamp

I've been working on a fire type of rocket, and based on my concepts the lava lamp style rocket was the most popular - so that's what I rolled with.

The concept I had drawn, had small tubes filled with lava or something glowy, so the lava lamp wasn't too far fetched from that idea. It was much more expensive, but much more interesting.

Next item will be a slow moving power-type rocket!

01 September 2013

Breaking the Ice

I realized just today that I hadn't posted this yet, I had "finished" it this past week after several critiques and wanted to show it off. So here it is: the ice rocket! Just in case you didn't know what you were firing I added a label, though that's really just for show in a menu or something. I doubt it will be visible within game-play.

This entry will make five items now that are modeled and textured with at least a diffuse[not counting the shield, I want to go back over that again].

[click the links below to view the related post]
low tech: turret
low tech: light plane  [scroll to the bottom]

high tech: turret
high tech: light plane

I just received a list of work for my internship, so I'll be heading back into the depths of that for a while. Hopefully I'll soon be able to show some of what we've been doing at L7, I hate that my blog has empty spots in it during the months I'm on the project.
At any rate, stay tuned and I'll keep you posted as to what I'm up to!

14 August 2013

Do You ... Rocketpunk?

This month was filled with concepting and building the red team's rocket turret, to clarify I don't have a lot of time outside of my day job, but what I do spend is my afternoons after work. This is what I came up with:

I started with my sketch that I had done while at my day job, and then I would come home and block it out in maya and began to play with texture patterns that might look good for that shape and theme.

The red team is going to be the "low tech" team, so I wanted this to feel like re-purposed technology muscled together for something new. In this case: the rocket turret! So the cog will turn as powered by the boxes on either side of it, when it stops with a rocket facing upwards in the holster the rocket will fire to defend the base. So the metal plates are old and rusty, and have all been riveted together simply to .. work.

Just last night, while looking up reference, I noticed the genre my game objects seem to be finding themselves is rocketpunk. Who knew? Moving forward I'll be taking advantage of this.

Next I'll start on the rockets I've been concepting, stay tuned and I'll keep you posted!

15 July 2013

Self Defense

Finally was able to make a large turn-in for my internship, and though I've been working extra hours at my day job I've managed to find time to return to my "weekend project". Here's my current status of the texture on the previously created geometry and uv's.

In keeping with the blue team's theme of sleek and modern/futuristic tech, this rocket turret can quickly fire rockets to defend the blue team's bases from red team's attacks. There's a small power cable in the back not captured in this render. I feel that the poly count isn't too bad for a rounded object, and the lower cost of the blue team's vehicles might make up for the higher cost of their equipment.
Next I'll start on the low tech turret.

Stay tuned and I'll keep you posted!