06 March 2015

Heavy Bandwidth Page

It might take several moments before the seven render windows fully load in your browser.

I've been working on a smart rocket and have run into the part where the 2D sketches didn't really work in 3D so I'm still experimenting with what shape and design I want for this weapon. In the meantime, for an update, I found this really neat site to share my work in 3D as it's meant to be viewed .. and not as a render on a 2D panel. So here are my current rocket models as viewable from the sketchfab.com site. Also I apologize for the page being so heavy due to all the models being on one page at the same time.  In other news: Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 just released as free downloads with what I'm sure is a lot of fine print when you decide to charge for your games, I decided to go with the marketing strategy for Unity since it's more of a straightforward pricing package and not a percentage based on what month it is, how much I sold, and when .. which is how the Unreal Engine has been packaged.