02 March 2010

Compositing Fundamentals [month 8]

Lab: 0
Home: 4
Assignment is to read the first 6 chapters of “The Art and Science of Digital Compositing”, as well as all of the case studies before lecture 6. Seeing as how I’ll probably be busy the entire rest of this month, I’m trying to get through what I can of this book now.
This class seems to revolve around adobe photoshop cs4, and we’re being expected to pick up things a little quickly … a lot quicker than you’d think for a program that’s just as important as maya. We’ll see how my color vision issues impede with my ability to perform required assignments.
Read through the first 2 chapters of the book, and went through some of the photoshop settings Pedro talked about in class. Went ahead and did a trial run for my first photo manipulation “jumper”. After critiquing and seeing how to really do it in lab I’ll probably end up redoing the whole thing. I just wanted to experience in messing with the brushes and layers and what not.

Hours: 4

"Jumper" photograph was provided to me by my school[Full Sail University], and so I don't know whose property it is. I went for a "reaching for the stars" effect with simple resizing and spacing of existing brushes, and then added a gaussian blur effect to some blue or purple [don't ask me I'm a little color blind] lines behind her and ... she really needs her colors toned down from the original but for now that's my first attempt at photoshop and a wacom bamboo tablet.


Lab: 4

Home: 5

Assignments included drawing on a single layer with no tools other than a paintbrush, in which we had to replicate color schemes of photos. First 2 basic objects, and then later on 2 open outdoor scenes, but lastly was the line art piece which we really only got started on before it was time to go to lecture. So I took it home and worked on it, I think I’m happy with the results but I’m sure it’s nowhere near pro-quality. Though I am quite the n00b at photoshop and extremely color-challenged ….

Hours: 9

Project 1: recreate primitive shape within 1 layer and your only tool as the paintbrush ... yeah I suck at traditional art.

Project 2: do another primitive object ...

Project 3: do the same thing as project 1 and 2, but do it on an outdoorsy pic

Project 4: do another outdoors pic ...

Project 5: choose someone's already drawn line art piece, and then color it in using as many layers as you need and showing control of the paintbrush ... no hard lines! So I chose a piece provided to me by the school which was labeled as being made by ssjdubby and was titled "Halibel_Swimsuit". So I colored the heck out of her, and then threw her into a "hot import nights" car show I attended in St. Pete., FL. Photo is courtesy of Alison Foxall. I used a smart filter to gaussian blur the layer the car is on to simulate her posing for someone with a real camera that would put her in the main focus and the car slightly out of focus. That would make this my 2nd photo manipulation project and my 1st line art coloring project in photoshop.


Lab: 0

Home: 2

Got a reply back from ssjdubby on deviantart.com, his quick critique sent me back to work on the line art piece one more time. After some more shading, and quick touch up’s, I feel a lot better about the piece. Thanks ssjdubby! Now back to reading that boring book … 2 chapters out of 6 down plus still have to read all of the case studies. What a drag ….

Hours: 2


Lab: 4

Home: 7

So we started hard and fast in today’s lab by making 5 custom brushes in photoshop, then 3 hand painted textures, and then 2 photo manipulations for repeatable textures. Lab I can handle, even if I never finish lab in time … it’s lecture I can’t handle. Pedro, our instructor, goes incredibly fast and tries to cram as much information into the lecture as possible, for what I’m guessing he sees as helping us out. In reality, for those of us who know nothing about photoshop he’s just talking to himself ... and for those in the class who do they're bored out of their minds and really don't pay attention to him. I didn’t get any reading done today, so that just means I get to cram chapter 4 into tomorrow somehow before the week begins again on monday. Let it be known, I don’t know how much longer I can go on this no weekend schedule. 1 weekend a month is killing me inside, things like this are why I quit Brinks deliveries….

Hours: 11

Project 1: Create 5 custom brushes ... this was really project 2 but if you did this one first it would help you do the real project 1. ;)

Project 2: Paint 3 textures by hand ... here's where the custom brushes came in handy.

Bricks: I know it's not pretty, but it was my first ... can I go play in maya now? I don't like photoshop. :'(

Cobblestones: I wanted to try something different from bricks, but still stay within a level of comfort ... it still turned out looking pretty bad but I learned a lot from it to make my 3rd and final painted texture.

Cement: I was going for a sidewalk but I guess this could really be any kind of cement structure. This one I thought was going to be the worse of the 3 as it screams simplicity, but I really think this one holds its' own weight. I used 2 of the custom brushes on this one, the simple "h" shape and the more complex cracked brush. I beveled the hell out of the lines to make them appear indented and then added a gray color overlay with a very light stone texture. Then when I wanted to make the large areas filled in I simply did the same thing with the large cracked brush .. though without the coloring or texturing. The large flat surface area was given a light coat of gray on multiply, with a very mild bevel to pop it out more, and a very mild texture of stucco to help push the final look of the material.

Project 3: modify 2 photos to make repeating textures out of them ... this would have been very useful to know back in "shading and lighting" class.

Diamond Plate: I still ended up with a little bit of banding, but I don't think there's any other obvious repeating element in there than the banding ... and I'm happy about that.

Dirty cement wall: I was able to get this one much cleaner in 1/3 of the time it took me to finish the diamond plate, however I realized I left in 3 small holes that repeat 8 or 9 times within this single swatch. FAIL

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