30 April 2010

Scripting Basics [Month 9]

Our other class for the month was Scripting, which was actually half scripting and half rigging. This is a required class before we can move on to Character Rigging in May, so here's what I worked on.

This is our most advanced rig so far, but from what I hear it's nothing compared to what's coming. Also included in this screen shot is two gui's we had to script for the class, we were each assigned an easy and a complex script to write in python for maya. The model was created by one of the instructors at the school ....

This was originally part of our turn-in requirements, but later on they got rid of it because they never had us take our rigged character into unity like they had wanted .... So I pretty much rushed through this for nothing other than practice. This is an idle animation cycle a game character might have when you set the controller down for a given period of time ....

This is my [lame] walk cycle a game character might have when he [very slowly] walks around his world. This was my first attempt at a walk cycle with the character staying in one spot, up until now we've been able to actually move the character ... and this was nothing like that.

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