30 January 2011

Game Pre-Production [month 18]

This month was all about preparing the paperwork and making all the lists for our game. After a lengthy take off, we finally got separated into our final groups and decided upon two games: Adrift, or Fender Bender. Without going too much into what makes them both up, let's just say that Fender Bender won the game idea pitch. Here's a little bit about our game. Note: as this is a group project, this work is the property of our entire group and not just myself.
Environment Theme:
Environment Atmosphere:
Environment Art Style:
Environment Layout:
Character and Vehicle Designs:
Pickup/Weapon Designs:
The feel of the game is supposed to be Twisted Metal meets Mario Kart, fun yet challenging. I ended up with a great team of coders and other artists, hopefully we'll make a great game .. though it shouldn't be too hard with a game concept as simple as driving and shooting. :)

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