09 September 2011

Life ... after Full Sail?

It's been a while since I last posted so I figured I'd update this with the new things I've completed .. more's undone than done. ;)

Arena Net posted an open intern competition for environment and character artists, so I took up the test and tried my best at it. In the end, as always, I'm not extremely happy with the way it turned out, but I am happy that it looks presentable.

The rules: create the building with less than 3000 polygons [I understood this as quads and hope I made the right guess], and a maximum equivalent of 2x1024x1024 with any kind of texture map. Here's the building they gave us to model.
It took me 1.5 days to model, 3 days to UV and texture, another day to add my theme integration pieces as well as make it all work in UDK, and another day to capture a video of it and run it through Final Cut Pro to have it sort of sell a mood as part of the theme.


first uv attempt

textured with finalized uv's

texture touch-up's for stuff like cracks and dirt

a little bit of theme/mood

from the front in UDK with particles

from the left in UDK with particles

from the right in UDK with particles

from the back in UDK with particles

up close inside the glass dome to show I wasn't hiding my textures

my 1024x1024 diffuse had heavily overlapping and reversed uv's

 In the end I couldn't submit the UDK files to Arena Net and feel a little handicapped as a result of that, because they specifically stated wanting to see my texture maps. Hopefully they'll understand and/or will find a way for me to send them the UDK files. Either way, I'm glad to have worked on this and was heavily challenged to make the diffuse for an entire building on a single 1024 .. which is something we never did at Full Sail.

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