18 March 2012

How is it March Already?

February kept me busy, and March is turning out the same way, so this is going to be my update for those two months. :)
I had a pretty sweet interview with LSI in Jacksonville, though we both went our separate ways due to conflicting art styles. Other than that I've been clocking in mega hours for AlliedBarton to try to pay the student loans and keep the other bills at bay for daily living.
I started working on the Home For Infinite Losers [HFIL or Hell] for the group that is working on a Dragon Ball Z game, I'm not really a fan of the series but I figured it would help me stay motivated if I had people pushing me in an art direction ... when I'd simply rather be sleeping before I go back to work. :p
I decided the most interesting part of HFIL was the blood fountain scene, these are the some of the pieces I put together for the environment and an overall shot:

There are these rock tower things all through HFIL in the animation.
A couple of basic park furniture pieces.

I sculpted up the side cliff wall in zbrush, then decimated it.
This is the hi-poly mesh, we'll see how the detail bakes onto the low.

A side view of the environment [the camera height makes it all look small]

I'll upload more next month, I hopefully want to get started on textures this coming week but that'll all depend on how my move to the new apartment goes and whether or not I have jury duty. Till next time!

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