30 April 2012

HFIL - Texture Time 1

This month was mainly a UV and texture month, so here is where I was able to get.

First I started with some grass brushes I have collected over the course of my Full Sail studies, I'd love to give credit where credit is due, but I honestly don't know where I got which brushes as they're all mixed into these grass card textures. Texture size: 256x256

Then came the part I was unsure about, how do I make the ground look like it's covered in grass? After digging around I found several references to popular MMO's that had used this style .. we'll see if I did it right once I get this and the cards working together. Texture size: 512x512

Dirt is easy right? I mean it's everywhere! Once again I looked up some online game references to see what they used that works, and this is my attempt at their mastered techniques. Texture size: 512x512

 Attempting to cover those giant rock walls with a repeating texture was my quest, and this was my answer to that, I'm also using this as the smaller stone/boulder texture. Texture size 512x512

The stone tree-things always depicted in the far distance, they showed more of a smooth stone with hard edges .. this is what I envisioned they might look like up close. Texture size 512x512

Stepping away from the fully repeating textures, I began working on the light poles which needed some small details to identify the materials. It's just a WIP, but I feel the need to show where I am at the end of the month. Texture size 512x512

 Then, just so you're not completely confused by wth I'm talking about, here's a quick screen grab in the default render view of maya .. nothing fancy yet. :)

Stay tuned, and I'll keep you posted.

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