15 July 2014

What's In the Box?

The next item for the internship, and thus with permission my blog, is this jewelry box. This item was modeled by one of the other artists, while the uv's and textures were my own creation with a touch of slight retopology.

The theme for this object is an heirloom type of jewelry box that was passed down a few generations, and that may have survived the elements for more than a few years before being recovered. I treated the lid as the focal point of this object, though I doubt in the actual video anyone will ever see it I'm still very proud of the way it turned out.

I used six different wood textures to get the look I wanted in the diffuse texture, while the metal is only two with a lot of help from 3 other textures in the specular channel. The design on the lid was partially designed with the character's name in mind as well as something simple and elegant. The text is Lucida Calligraphy font faded out with grunge brushes to look like faded paint. The same fade was used on the wavy lines on the sides of the box with the faded red coloring to add a bit of breakup without being too distracting from the lid.

Possibly more to come, stay tuned!

[Edited 10sep2014 to show the textures and wireframe]

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