29 February 2016


I found this little online video resource called Udemy, I spent $10 and signed up for access to this "class" called "Learn the 'hand-painted' texturing style for video games" from 3dmotive LLC. I figured it would be nice to get into something small and get a refresher course while seeing how someone else makes hand painted style textures.

The class covers a sword and a shield, I spent time on the sword and simply watched the rest of the videos for the shield before calling it quits. I already feel bad for abandoning the low tech medium plane! So after about 10 hours this is the model and texture I came up with:

612 triangles and one 512x512 texture

I really should have pushed myself to do up the shield and make the sword only take up half of the texture space but I was happy enough with how it looks to feel like I learned something and not look at the sword as a complete waste of time.

On to other things!!

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