12 September 2015

A Quick Update on Slow Progress

I've spent the last few weekends mixing together more ancient aircraft to make combat vehicles for my teams, this time the red team will have pieced together the main body and wings of a WW1 German AEG G4, and the jet engines of a WW2 German Horten Ho 229. Looking back I tend to use a lot of older German designs to influence my own and I think it's just because they were really good at building interesting shapes and really pushing the design limits to get new properties in their planes.
With all that said, here's a silhouette test I threw together:

I so far have UV'ed the checkers texture onto the plane and then duplicated the body pieces over, but I think I'm ready to start rocking a rusty red paint job on there for the low tech's to head into battle.

Stay tuned and I'll have that up before too long.

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