31 December 2017

All Outta Steam

It's the end of another year and as I look over my blog I find I never told the world about some of the things I'm willing to talk about. So here's to that:

I had continued development of Steam VR controller mods with the next Megaman buster:

The X-Buster

    X - Buster
    by jason.n.hutchins
    on Sketchfab

Since that one was basically just a re-skin I really wanted to try my hand at a more advanced model:

The TruForce Buster

    TruForce Buster
    by jason.n.hutchins
    on Sketchfab

Lastly I made small progress on a medium model:

Low Tech Medium Plane

This year has been crazy. I'm still doing the damn thing and holding the seams together by a thread, I only hope I've made all the right decisions along the way and that I can continue to make the right decisions to keep moving forward and follow the dream. After all, "Everybody gotta have a dream." :)

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