30 September 2009

3d Foundations Project Log [month 2]

As I don't really have a file log for this month, I'm only able to post the screen shots of my work and the time line in which it was completed.

Project 1: model a prop for a later modeled character to interact with
Project 2 step 1: model half of a human in maya

This was a little hard for me to do so it took me a very long time to get an even semi-recognizable humanoid shape ... it's okay to laugh, I know I do. ;)

Project 2 step 2: better edge flow, even if I still didn't know what that meant

Project 2 step 3: mirror the rest of the body over and see if you can figure out how to round him out instead of staying boxy ... which I really had no idea ....

Project 2 step 4: now you need to rig him so you can animate him for the final project!

Project 2 step 5: add handles so you can actually use the rig

Project 3 part 1: I chose to model another character for the next project, he said as long as it was humanoid it would be okay ....

Project 3 part 2: I chose to animate my Gir[Invader Zim is a product of Nickelodeon] model, so that meant I had to rig him first!

Project 4: make a 6 second animation using the human model

Project 5: after rigging Gir I animated him, though I was short on time and ended up filming from the wrong camera and submitting it.

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