21 October 2009

Model Creation Project Log [month 3]


Lab: 1315-1700 worked on tiki hut

Home: 1830-2345 worked on tiki hut, project complete

Hours: 4.15+3.15 =7.30


Home: 1800-1830 worked on tiki hut, found and renamed “psphere1” to “leaf” on palm tree group. Separated grouping of fence and tent poles. Gave “charMod” a separate layer.

Hours: .30

Project 1: Model a beach scene "tiki hut" with specific items in it, mostly following tutorial videos


Lab: 1300-1700 worked on restaurant project.

Home: 1850-1930 Worked on tiki hut issues: added more driftwood. Moved firewood into the pit. Horizontal support bars on fence. Rotated some of the rocks around the fire pit.

Home: 1939-2230 Worked on restaurant project. Having an issue getting the cv line tool working properly to make table top items.

Hours: 4+3..40=7.40


Home: 1600-2154 Worked on restaurant project.

Hours: 5.54


Lab: 1300-1700 Worked on restaurant project.

Home: 1600-1900 Worked on restaurant project: project complete.

Hours: 4+3=7


Lab: 1300-1700 Turned in restaurant project, received revisions. Worked on bowling alley part 1 project.

Home: 1800-2300 Worked on restaurant revisions: put dirt in planter. Made thickness on chairs even throughout seat. Tapered the ends of the support poles and added a bolt hole. Added light bulbs inside the ceiling lights and made the walls on the ceiling lights thicker. Beveled the wall divider. Tried to separate the wall divider and the back wall, but had no success.

Hours: 4+3=7

Project 2: model a restaurant scene with a specific number/type of items in it


Home: 1500-2200 Worked on bowling alley part 1, project complete.

Hours: 6


Lab: 1300-1700 Worked on corrections to bowling alley part1

Hours: 4


Home: 1400-2300 Finished corrections to bowling alley part1. Quad out bowling balls. Bevel edges on ball return and add holding lines. Completely re-do bowling pins for shape. Redo Touchpad support and swivel. Double check all hard edges on table and chair. Fix floating back supports on chairs.

Began bowling alley part2: UV. Had issue with UV texture being incorrect size, nothing has been mapped correctly as a result.

Hours: 7

Project 3 part 1: model part of a bowling alley consistent with a specific time period


Lab: 1300-1700 Turned in bowling alley part1, received more corrections. Began Bowling Alley part3

Home: 1800-0112 Finished bowling alley part3, didn’t get any work done on corrections for part 1 and 2.

Hours: 4+7.12=11.12


Home: 1845- 2058 Worked on corrections for part1 and part2 bowling alley. Corrections include: lane length, lane/gutter appearance, pillars appearance, bowling ball return engons/triangles/appearance, dart board construction changed, added additional step to get to new bowling lane height.

UV work still needs to be fixed.

Hours: 2.13

Project 3 part 2: model another section of the bowling alley while staying consistent to time period originally modeled


Lab: 1300-1700 Turned in bowling alley corrections and part3. Received corrections: bridge score ring internal faces. Air hockey score collectors have pinching. Do .. something .. with the dart board. Clean up unused edges on dance dance revolution arcade. Bevel the steps. Finish UV’s!!

Worked on UV’s, file didn’t save or something after lab and therefore no work was “completed” in lab.

Home: 1830-2200 Finished UV’s, but the bowling ball and ceiling light still doesn’t look right. Completed corrections received in class.

Hours: 4+3.30=7.30


Lab: 1300-1700 Worked on UV’s to make them look better … I don’t want to keep a 50% as my grade.

Hours: 4


Home: 1900-2243 Messed with the last of the UV’s, then finally started final project. Created the bar stool and laid out the rest of the perimeter walls/ceiling. Was hoping to get more done today ….

Hours: 3.43

Project 3 part 3: finish modeling the rest of the bowling alley and UV everything ... I never did have enough time to UV everything properly so I won't be showing any pix of them :p


Home: 1300-2320 Worked on final project all day and managed to get a lot of the base shapes already set out turned into furniture shapes and proper positioning. Still need another full day of work at least like today to finish anything close to a turn in piece. Had a lot of trouble with the step I just noticed at the back of the lounge area, expecting a lot of trouble with the trophies and wine bottles later on when I get to them.

Hours: 10.20


Lab: 1300-1700 Turned in UV revisions, still aren’t good enough for a better grade.

Home: 1845-2330 Worked on final project modeling, I might make all the objects in time, but they probably won’t be pretty at all.

Hours: 4+4.55=8.55


Home: 1800-0130 Worked on final project but couldn’t get ncloth to work.

Hours: 7.30


Home: 0600-0700 Made an ncloth tablecloth, and prepped folder format.

Hours: 1

Final Project: model an entire room based on a photograph [try to use same lens you think picture was taken with] This pic was given to us to use by the school, and is thus not my property. If you know whose it is or where it's from please let me know!

Total time: 106.57

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