18 November 2009

Shading and Lighting Project Log [month 4]

Project 1: Soft Lighting w/different camera angles, not my models.

Lab: 0900-1300 Worked at adjusting lights already in a scene, not very successful.
Home: 1830-2108 finished up lighting, but I’ll probably have to go back and work on it again this weekend.
Hours: 4+2.5

Lab: 0500-1145 Worked on project 2 noir lighting. Received corrections to project 1 lights .. needs more detailed shadows. Set to higher detailed shadows, average render time jumped from 3 minutes to 4 hours.
Hours: 6.45

Project 2: Noir Lighting

Home: 1300-1800 Rendered 4 scenes for project 1 and the 1 scene from project 2
Hours: 5

Lab: 0500-1300 Worked on project 3, and turned in both project 1 and 2. 100 on project 2, 80 on project1 … they’re counting resubmissions as late.
Home: 1800-2000 worked on project3, was able to clean up light noise easily without the distractions of the constantly failing school computers.
Hours: 8+2

Project 3: we could choose our own camera lens and lighting.

Lab: 0500-1300 Worked on project4 and turned in project3, got a 100 on project3. Had some issues with textures and bump maps on project4 … but the water came in easier than I thought it would.
Home: 1600-2000 Worked on project4 and finished it, even if I’m not completely happy with the results. Hoping to get some advice Friday morning before turn in begins so I can get another 100.
Hours: 8+4

Project 4: Start adding textures to a model, then use lighting and lens of choice
Since I did so poorly on project 4 I decided to trash it and start over completely before resubmitting it ... and it still sucked. I'm honestly a little ashamed to post project 4 pix.

Lab: 0500-1300 Worked on project 4 after receiving pointers on how to clean it up. Resubmitted the file and got a 100 based off of the improved file. Started on project5, didn’t get very far before lab ended.
Home: 1700-2200 finished project5 .. hopefully. I can’t tell if it looks good or not now that there’s color involved ….
Hours: 8+5

Project 5: light and texture an indoor setting using proper materials

Lab: 0500-1300 Turned in project 5 for critique, made corrections and turned it in for a 50%. Apparently I did the mapping wrong on the orange and the pickiest lab guy can’t pick it out, but the most lenient one can. So now I have a problem doing the displacement mapping … it doesn’t seem to work for me, and my mbp just spent all night trying to render an orange before it ran out of memory.
Home: 1630-1930 Figured out where displacement mapping is for uploading the jpg image, but can’t figure out how to dial the settings or where the settings are even at..
Hours: 8+3

School[non-lab]: 1300-1630 Worked on the fruit bowl and the perfume bottles .. still not happy with them
Hours: 3.30

Project 6: light and texture 3 glass perfume bottles as if in a magazine advertisement .. my fav piece

Lab: 0500-1300 Turned in perfume bottles for 100% and resubmission of the fruit bowl for 80% Began project7, didn’t know how to do anything so ended on wasting a lot of time trying to just figure things out.
Home: 1650-2230 Added lights and textures to project7, needs final touches now.
Hours: 13.40

School[non-lab]: 1400-1600 Worked on cleaning up the shadow in project7 as well as trying to figure out why the full pic doesn’t show up in preview but does show up in photoshop. I guess as long as it shows up in photoshop it’s all good. :) Began looking over the final project folder to see which scene I wanted to light/texture.
Hours: 2

Project 7: Compositing practice, texture skin and light an outdoor scene .. working with alpha channels.

Lab: 0500-1300 Final Project file corrupted, had to start over when I got home.
Home: 1700-2300 Final Project restarted in new file. This time using multiple saves to keep the file from corrupting again.
Hours: 12

Home: 1300-2300 Final Project
Hours: 8

Home: 1400-2100 Final Project
Hours: 7

Lab: 0500-1300 Final Project
Home: 1600-2200 Final Project
Hours: 14

Lab: 0500-1300 Final Project
Home: 1600-2100 Final Project last touches before turn in.
Hours: 13

Final Project: pick a scene to light and texture, optional to add or take away from the scene to help tell the story of the scene.

Total Time: 136.65

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