22 October 2010

Advanced Game Characters [month 15]

That's right, this is the second post for AGC ... which means I failed it the last time I took it. Yay....

Project 1: a fan art piece ... I decided to go with Qbert.

Step 1: block out
Step 2: clean up the geometry
Step 3: add hair cards, then mirror the whole thing over and see if it works.
Step 4: bake the ambient occlusion, then paint the diffuse
This is what my diffuse looked like for this model, once again we did the texture at 256x512

Project 2: this month's theme was medieval fantasy.. designed around the ability to stay at an inn.

Once again we can use only zbrush, so I started with zspheres to create a skeleton type frameThen I moved on to blocking out the basic frame of the black smith.

Clean up the block out.
Turn it into a mesh for sculpting.Sculpt out a basic figure with large and medium details.

and apparently I added more details.Then you begin retopology ...

and it becomes messy ...
and messier ...
... but then I brought it into maya and the critiques I received were that he had a disproportionate body. So I resized his new lower topology and corrected any of the retopology mistakes I had made.
Once I re-sized everything, this is what I ended up with.I brought it back into zbrush and began to smooth and sculpt once again.

I re-sculpting the new body back out with details
Then I changed the face
With proper ambient occlusion, normal mapping, diffuse mapping and specular map, it turned into this.
A shot of the diffuse map.
My normal map.
Lastly, my specular map

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