13 April 2014

Chainsaw Rocket!

This past month has been another light month on my internship, I've touched up a few things and did file maintenance on the server, so I took full advantage of my nights as well as the extra hours I've had to work at my day job filling in for my personnel taking vacation time off during nights and weekends and I'm stuck covering it. I present to you my version of the chainsaw rocket:

I seem to have a love affair with using Stihl branded tools for reference images, as I also used them for reference during the Fender Bender game "healing item" pickup [duct tape and wrench], so I decided this time to keep the color scheme used on their chainsaws so that it didn't look too extremely unrealistic. I also decided to change the chainsaw teeth to something a little more cartoony/unrealistic to match the overall theme of the game. I decided to leave out the original concept art I had sketched out because of the overall quality of it was much lower than my normal sketches. If anything comes up I'll include it separately, but for now I'd rather simply leave it off the blog page.

Thanks for staying tuned and I'll update you when I finish the next piece!

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