05 April 2015

Brain Power

I ended up working this one a couple times, like I mentioned earlier, but I think I finally found the form I wanted. This rocket is half the height of the other rockets, but 10 times as smart .. with brain power of course. That's how it works right? Adding a brain to anything will make it smarter?

    Smart Rocket
    by jason.n.hutchins
    on Sketchfab

Hopefully the new Sketchfab 3d previewer will work out for this blog, but just in case I'm still going to be uploading the old 2d shots of the items.

This should be the last of the rocket weapons, now back to the vehicles! I have a bunch of sketches from the previous years I wasn't able to spend a lot of time on this so I'll still be working through those to see what I can make work. The next items should be the medium fighters for both low and high tech teams.

Stay tuned!

edit [12apr2015]: I started back up on the vehicles, this time on the medium high tech and have included a silhouette test of the block-out below.

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